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Victor of Routine of Nepal Banda's investment in PUBG Team DRS

6 months ago Arjun Singh 412

Victor Poudel, founder of the popular Facebook page Routine of Nepal Banda, has bought the ownership of Nepali PUBG team DRS (Da Real Soldier). Poudel is associated with DRS with a fixed share of the club.

On Thursday afternoon, the team has a signature program with the players including Poudel's ownership declaration. Poudel will be the co-investor and CEO of DRS.

DRS is a PUBG team founded by Ashesh Rai and Rejan Khatri. He also owns a certain percentage share in the team.

Ashesh and Region are at the forefront of encouraging players in Nepal's gaming sector. Poudel has also joined DRS to collaborate in the field of online gaming.

DSR, which has recently participated in the PUBG Mobile Global Champions, is the main PUBG team in Nepal. Four players are already in the team and one new player will be signed. It is unknown at this time what percentage of share Poudel owns.

DSR is currently preparing for the South Asian stage games. Earlier, DRS was second in the South Asian stage by winning at the national level. In the subsequent global champions, the team was ranked 20th. 

The players of the team are Mafia Ninja (Eugene Lama), AJ (Ajay Shrestha), Nima (Nima Tamang), Galgen (Pemba Galgen Lama), MR Boro (Anjan Rai). MR Boro has joined the team as a new player. He has even started playing for the team.

The management will be responsible for paying the players on a monthly basis and all the food and lodging at the boot camp. Apart from that, there is an internal agreement to share the prize money between the players and the management team.

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