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Orangee leaves Elementrix

6 months ago Prajwol Kunwar 561

ExOrangee a well known PUBG player left his old team Elementrix to start a clan of his own.

Elementrix annouced through different social platform that Manzil Shrestha AKA Orangee has now left the team. Orangee who was known for his role as an assaulter in the team and had been a member of the team since its very beginning has moved on to his next chapter in the esports world.

He was seen playing some scrims with his newly formed team with an ingame name of WZOrangeeSR. He had been a hot topic in the fanbase since Gunner entered Elementrix.

Fans were seen not in shock when the news broke out that he left as the rumors of him leaving or him already leaving the team roamed the gaming community prior to the event.

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