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Gunner now playing for Elementrix : PUBG Mobile Nepal

6 months ago Arjun Singh 304

A huge transfer in the Nepali esports community, JMxGunner transfers to Elementrix.

Gunner a rising name in the Nepali pubg/esports community will now be seen bagging up kills for a pioneer clan in the Nepali esports community i.e Elementrix. 

He was previously playing for another famous clan Jyanmara before his transfer to Elementrix. With this transfer Elementrix has now 6 players in the main line up, Mr.Hyozu, Bromine, Liquid, Nang, Inception and Gunner. This power packing lineup will be now seen playing in national and international tournaments. 

Fans were seen to be both happy and confused at the same time when Elementrix announced the transfer news yesterday. The main question they had was "who the playing 4 is going to be?". While another question is where Orangee a well known EX member is? 

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