Elementrix Just Had The Big Reveal !

2 months, 2 weeks ago Prajwol Kunwar 150

A big bang suprise !!! Elementrix just surprised their fanbase and the whole gaming community with this news!

Elementrix a popular/fan favorite Gaming Clan had been hinting a new announcement since weeks. Right after Bromine left the clan, they had been missing a player from their roster. 

The owner and IGL of the team- Mr.Hyozu had been hinting the arrival of a new player. Just yesterday was when ExAgent, the co-owner of elementrix announced as he hit 10k subscribers on a stream featuring DEshifuSir that Khooni might be the new guy in the team .

But just in Elementrix announced on their social platforms that Blablabla an OG elementrix player has rejoined them. This is a big surprise to the fanbase.

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